About Us

What is CME Tech Hub?

Tech Hub is CME Federal Credit Union’s latest way of giving back to our community. It is a collaborative project that provides expert and professional tech support services to CME members and the broader Columbus Ohio community. 

    What Can Tech Hub do?

    CME Tech Hub can help you with just about any IT problem or repair. Here’s a quick and incomplete list:

    • Phone Screen Replacement – If your smartphone’s screen becomes cracked, Tech Hub can replace it and get you back in business the same day.
    • Computer/Laptop Repair – If your computer or laptop gets damages in any way, take it in to Tech Hub and our professional technicians will diagnose and treat the issue as quickly as possible.
    • Data Recovery – If you’ve lost irreplaceable files, photos, or documents from your computer or laptop, Tech Hub can recovery them for you.
    • Business IT Support – From a comprehensive suite of managed business IT services, to device fleet management, Tech Hub can give your small business an edge on competition.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Is CME Tech Hub only for CME Federal Credit Union members?
      2. No! CME takes pride in serving our entire community, so Tech Hub’s services are open to anyone in the area. However, employees get a 50% discount on all services, and members get a 10% discount.

      3. What Kinds of Services Does Tech Hub Provide?
      4. Tech Hub can help with just about any problem you have with your phone or computer. From replacing cracked phone screens to recovering lost data from a hard drive, Tech Hub has your back.

      5. Where Is CME Tech Hub?
      6. Tech Hub is conveniently located at CME’s Downtown Columbus branch, at 365 S 4th St.

    Bringing Certified-Tech Services to Central Ohio